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Glitz are a vastly experienced collective of highly professional musicians and performers

The collaboration of such a fine team insures that you receive a top-class performance and extremely reliable service from start to finish

Meet the team

Mairi Gillanders- Newberry
Rhianne Armstrong
Bekkah Davidson
Taylor Sangster
Morag Nicol
Mike Macdermid
Paddy Whitehead


Sound and tech team manager
Jack Moore Newberry

Emmanuel Okoli

Glitz are available in the following formats: click here...

Four piece all-female band.

Our traditional all female line up sing all the classics that keeps our floor full.

Four piece or Five piece band with male vocalist Michael MacDermid.

Our contemporary line up offers the same classics with a male vocal and also can include songs by Buble and Sinatra if requested.

Our total performance time is 3.5 hours long between 8pm and 12 midnight ( time permitting ) with a 30 minute break


Bolt Ons


We also offer the following bolt-ons


Our flamboyant saxophonist plays all the dancefloor classics and can Include an Ibiza Themed section during the evening later on at night once your party is in full flow!

DJ Set

We can offer a DJ set from midnight until 1am

Day reception music

We can offer piano or saxaphone music for your daytime reception drinks and/or meal.

Glitz official evening photographer

We can photographer to capture your wedding dance

Glitz – Aberdeen Function BAnd

Glitz is an experienced Aberdeen function band and wedding band from Aberdeen, Scotland: a dedicated collective of high quality vocalists and musicians who have created an exciting and energetic band to get your party started! We work across Scotland with particular emphasis on Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire.

Choose from the all female band line up, or our contemporary male + female vocal line up, both including a vibrant female drummer as the driving part of the rhythm section. Plus you can add a saxophonist into the mix, giving you the option of an Ibiza sound later in the evening – or the classics…


Glitz also play – and call – all the popular Scottish dances. And should you feel that your event, function, or wedding, would benefit from some traditional Scottish instrumentation, Glitz regularly include a fiddle player or accordionist on request.

Our total performance time is 3.5 hours long between 8pm and 12 midnight ( time permitting ) with a 30 minute break